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So moved into my new place in time for going back to University so you will be seeing this backdrop a lot more as its the only way to get a picture of my day to day outfits which i hopefully should be posting more as i'll be working less (thank god) and just going to uni etc..

But anyway i loooooove these glasses I was sent by Oscar Wylee  but becuase my face is so small they look huge but still fit amazingly and the frame is 'tortoise shell' and goes well with anything i wear.
My new shoes also, Y-3's (I can't find a link online anywhere) they were an impulse buy when I was in london a couple a weeks ago from Selfridges. As you can imagine quite expensive but i'm glad as they are the comfiest/best fitting trainers I've ever worn, so totally recommend Y-3's!

Also i've done my new room up and it looks pretty good so i'll do a room tour of photographs as people have been asking for a room tour.