Plant-based diet: what to eat!?

Breakfast: Overnight oats
Soak gluten free oats in water or coconut/almond milk over night with chia seeds. 
Add any toppings and have a side of mango or other choice of fruit!

Smoothie Bowl: Sprirulina, Wheat Grass, Chia Seeds, Pea Protein, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, topped with cocoa nibs and bananas. 

Vegan Sushi: 
Cucumber, sticky rice, nori wraps, tofu, avocado, okra and nato. Made by my mother as i am terrible at making sushi rolls :(

Salads (lunch and dinner):
Just huge salads I eat on the side of a large portion of fruit!
I try keep the fat content low and I never add salt or oils to my food.

Detox water:
Start the day with infused water (1litre)

Oil free steamed then baked mixed potatoes. I have made sweet potato and red potato fries, they seem to bake the nicest!

Overnight Oats:
Same as before!

Salad Sandwich:
German rye bread (oil and salt free) topped with a salad and mustard (hardly ever use)

Vegan Shepards pie:
 - I didn't add salt, oil or vegan cheese, its a totally clean and guilt free version! I like to add my own spin on recipes i find online due to lowering the fat content or because i don't have all the ingredients on hand.

Ripe bananas, dates, unsalted rice cakes.


Another large salad!

Anyone else have any good vegan, clean meal suggestions!