New York 2014! - (200+ photographs)

So heres a look into how my NY trip went. I think overall I took around 3000 photos haha, I literally photograph anything and anyone that looks good (mostly food). 

We did try to go into the Mercedes Benz building but its seriously not as easy as it looks and requires waiting outside for someone to offer you tickets if people don't show up and they need seats but we didn't want to waste anytime as we were only there for 5 days so just took some snaps, which was good enough, and spent the days exploring basically sightseeing, shopping and eating.
Was way to cold to look nice so my outfits are a bit dull and chunky with the 5 layers I had on to stop me from freezing. Even thermals had to be worn :( 
Surprisingly I didn't do much shopping but came back with 2 leather clutches and a bargain pair of shoes from urbanoutfitters for $20! I don't really like shopping that much abroad because we have the same shops in the UK.
But yeah overall was as amazing trip, had so so much good food and took far to many pics.

Still thinking of plans for summer, maybe Benicassim, Berlin or interailling.
 Has anyone done any of them?