London weekend!

(shoes - Zara, jeans  - vintage (cut the bottom cuff off for this effect))

(jeans - topshop, shoes - windsor smith, waistcoat - topshop, grey turtle neck - vintage)

(Vegan food!) So happy as I'm trying to eat a plant based diet (3 weeks almost completed!)

Met up with Jenah again from

(coat - asos, shoes - topshop, bag - hm, jeans - new look, gloves - uniqlo, turtle neck - hm trend, kimono  - hm trend)

Biggest cookie ever

Eat about 5 in 3 days!

Just a few snaps from my friend and I's visit to London a weekend or so ago. We just wanted to shop, sight see and visit a few bars. As you may already know I literally only snap beautiful pictures of food, buildings or things i like in art galleries haha so apologies for the awkward posing, rushed outfit pics!