Contrast with Sheinside gifts!

(Shorts - Sheinside £Gifted, Top - DIY, Boots - Rihanna X riverisland £95, Sunnies - Jill Sander, hat - H&M)

Grab your shorts from Sheinside now!

Haha i knooooow this looks like dandruff but i was actually at a shoot earlier where my hair was full of glitter (shall out the photos up soon) and it's a total bitch to get out!

(Tee - Sheinside, Blazer - H&M, Shorts - Zara, Boots - Rihanna X riverisland £95, Sunnies - Jill Sander)

Grab your the givenchy ESQUE top from Sheinside now!

So happy my mum bought me these for working hard with my exams :D

 So my exams are finally OVER and i'm 100% done with college!
So now my summer starts and I have 3 months until university (hopefully Northumbria) and I will be doing a lot more blogging/fashion wise and soon hope to get my own online 'magazine' up and running which will be featuring things like product reviews, Q and A's, video tutorials and occasion fashion sets etc!