LDN for London College Fashion College visit

Went to London for the weekend firstly to go visit the London College of fashion as i had booked a place for the open day. If i'm honest I wasn't too happy with the location on at lime grove but the course, Fashion Communication, looked and sounded pretty cool and interesting. But when looking at Universities you need to like every aspect of it. But after spending about 3 hours listening to presentations and looking around the site I went shopping and literally spend all my wages I got like 3 days ago. So i'm pretty depressed about that now as i'm skint but at least I got a birthday outfit, vintage leather jacket and other vintage finds.  
Also I stuffed my face with food from Wasabi, eg Sushi and Chicken Katsu Curry. 

I'm going to visit Northumbria University again this weekend, then Edinbrough then London again to see Central Saint Martins. At the moment i'm most impressed with Northumbria's Fashion Communication Course, but if you know any other universities in the UK that do it let me know!