A little of Bangkok then Koh Phi Phi (part 1)

(Yellow Lakers tee - Vintage, Tie Dye trousers - Koh Phi Phi market £5-6, Sandals - Roxy, Bikini - Next £12, Tie Dye top - DIY, Shorts - Vintage)

So I know all my photos aren't great but they look quite clear for an iPhone camera. But yeah this is just the first few days of Koh Phi Phi and just a couple of photos to show you all how beautiful the island is.
As it is so sooooo hot its hard to really wear a decent outfit, basically all I wore was shorts and a thin top.

Ohhhh yeah I remembered from last year that there was a Jeffery Campbell store in Bangkok in Siam Center. I've got 5 pairs of JC's now woooooo.