Big huge post

Chiquitos -  Chimmichangas 

(Dress - LOVE £8, Hat - Topshop £12)

My Diet..

But I want to look like this.

Scruffy - (Top - Hawaii Dads, Shoes - Vans £38)

(Top - Laska Sak)

(shirt - Vintage, Creepers - Underground £85, Jumpsuit - Topshop)

(Skeleton Onsie - Topshop £38)

(top - Topshop, Shorts - Vintage, Cardigan - Charity)

(Nike top - Ebay, Velvet Legings - Charity)

Baby food and Chinese tea - <3

This is probably the messiest and un-prepared post ever. But I just uploaded a lot of iphone photos onto my computer and I found a few that I could use for here!

And that picture i'm holding is a painting of me by my friend Sean for his Art A levels!