Hats and blankets

(Aztec print poncho with hood - Random Store in Tokyo, Washed out biker boots - River island, Top hat - Sly Lang, DIY Denim shorts - mums closet)

Just a couple of silly shots my friend took of me before getting on the bus for town to look round the shops.

I haven't posted in about a week so i'll try and sum it up for you lot. 
1) I just recently found out i have a module 8 maths test in less than 3 weeks and i know nothing.
2) I really really want to wake up one morning and look like Miley Cyrus.
3) I'll never win a competition over the radio to go and see the Brit Awards live. Its actually impossible :(
4) I realised Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen have the best wardrobes and faces ever.
5) My hairs grew about 2inches since december 2010
6) I've grown a new love for Niki Minaj.

Today i went into town with a couple of my friends but we didn't really Shop. We just got a mcdonalds and starbucks and tried to find a party for tonight but it didn't go to well!
But yeah, i've ate like 3 take aways this weekend. Urghhhh so bad.