Im obsessed with the mess thats America

Just chilled today watching old episodes of my favourite American TV shows, Tree Hill, 90210, Ugly Betty, Maury, Pretty Little Lier's and Glee. Plus two of my favourite English shows Misfits and Hollyoaks. I actually don't know how i'd function without Sky +, it's the best invention ever apart from the iPhone, iMac and other Apple products. I took these photos on self timer which was a hard task because i was balancing this camera on the edge of a book case it it nearly feel a couple of times and its my mum's so i crapped myself! 
So now im going to pop in the shower and find something decent to wear to my friends party/girly-night tonight!
If you couldn't already tell, im OBSESSED with America, and i can't wait to hopefully live there in LA <3 yuuuuum.

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