Two hours sleep and no photos

I've changed my fringe and swept it over to the side, should I keep it this way?

I don't know wether you can tell but I tried to make it look like i have a fox tale coming from my bag. Yes, i used a faux fur scarf that was my mum's, but it was last minute and i didn't have enough money for one of eBay. 

This weekend it was Megan's 16th birthday meal, which was at an Indian restaurant, AK BARS, then afterwards a couple of us were invited to a friends house party. We arrived quite late and things got slightly out of hand which meant that the party ended and most people were thrown out. But since me and a few others were staying over it was okay because we just talked and chilled in bed which resulted in me only getting a couple hours sleep :( I also need to go to the gym so this isn't going to be tired.